Monday, May 20, 2013

Gigi & Didu visit!

Winter sucked the life out of us...we had snow storms in May. I wish I were kidding. Gigi & Didu delayed a spring trip so it would be "warmer when they came"...they were greeted by a large April snow storm! Here are some pix of the action from the weekend.

greeted by an April snowstorm...notice the juxtaposition of Jeremy's face with Isaac's face. 

balloon animals sounded like such a good idea!? and they were...

 ...sort of...

Isaac loves spending time with her ipad?!

the Children's Museum was one of our highlights

 we are having so much fun!

some "spoils" from the visit. 
one of Irene's highlights was a Gigi shopping spree at the Mall of America. 

We had a good visit...We ate out a few times. Experienced theLIFT on Saturday night. Went swimming at the YMCA on Sunday and spent lots of time just hanging out playing at the house. Sadly, they missed our new couch by 1 week...their naps would have been much more comfortable!

love you guys! thanks for coming to visit!

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Anonymous said...

We had such a good visit! Thanks for posting pictures of some of the things we did.Looking forward to seeing you before the snow starts falling again!